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      Hello, everyone. My Name is Robert Alexander Schulz. I like to making music in Ableton Live and like also to have no limits on that, when I´ve got an idea once. So on, I have fun to creating some new M4L-devices, which provide the weapons to do so. Beside the developing of M4L-Devices I also want to share some other Live stuff, like Live racks and templates here, too. Hope you have fun with it.

      You can find more free devices from me as well as all M4L-devices i´ve created in one list on the platform under my profile: 

      Do you have questions about the products or issues with it? 
      Contact me under my e-mail address on 

      Visit my Facebook page for latest news and infos:

      Stay tuned on Twitter:


      Info: The products offered at this Gumroad page are based on the Ableton "Live™" and (for the M4L products) Cycling ´74´s "Max™" applications, available for ©Apple macOS™ and ©Microsoft Windows™ operation systems, and (for the M4L products) especially the "Max for Live™"-software connection between those two, are needed to execute these products.

      PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to buy a standalone license for the "Max™" application for using the "Max for Live™" implementation as you are already owner of Ableton Live™´s Suite or Standard version, as well as if you are currently using Live Lite or Intro (as described below you then just need to upgrade to Standard or Suite version of Live first).

      Owner of the Live Suite version do not need to buy anything extra to profit of the benefits of the "Max for Live™" implementation; they owned a license for a restricted, but for purpose of the "Max for Live™" implementation full-capable, version of the "Max™" application with the purchase of Live™ Suite, which is since Live 10 automatically installed with Live and ready to use.

      If you are owner of a Live™ 9 Suite license you are be able to download the "Max™" application from your Ableton™ account, under:

      For further installation introductions after the download, read Step 2. in this article:

      If you want to install and/or use "Max for Live™" with a separate and dedicated standalone "Max™" installation (also possible for Live™ 9 despite it is a little confusing written in the article), read this article:

      If you are Standard Live™ User you can purchase the "Max for Live™" implementation as addon for Live™ in the Ableton™ Shop, here:

      The "Max for Live™" implementation is not be able to install for Live™ Lite and Live™ Intro versions. You need to upgrade Live™ to the Standard or Suite version in order to use the "Max for Live™" implementation.

      For more informations about these applications visit the developer websites:

      For more informations about the "Max for Live™" implementation visit:

      "Live™", "Ableton™"and "Max for Live™" are registered trademarks of ©Ableton AG, Schönhauser Allee 6-7, D-10119 Berlin, Germany.

      "Max™" is a registered trademark of ©Cycling ´74, 340 S. Lemon Avenue #4074
      Walnut, CA 91789, United States.

      "macOS™" and "Apple" are registered trademarks of ©Apple Inc.,
      One Apple Park Way
      Cupertino, CA 95014, United States.

      "Windows" and "Microsoft" are registered trademarks of ©Microsoft Corporation,
      One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052, United States.